Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Exciting Day!

Today I received a copy of the first published book (in print - there have been a few ebook only but they're harder to take photos of!) I've represented since becoming an agent: STARRING KITTY by Keris Stainton

It's had some great reviews already:

'A beautiful, warm, kind, romantic, utterly special book' Susie Day

'A cool, fun, romantic read that stays with you after you've put it down.' Cathy Cassidy

'It's complicated...Kitty's life, that is. I was rooting for her all the way!' Karen McCombie

'Perfect mood-busting book which I read with a huge smile on my face right the way through.' YA Yeah Yeah

'I could easily sit here all day and talk about how amazing STARRING KITTY is, but to be honest, you should just go read it for yourselves!' Readeraptor

Friday, 18 July 2014

Hot Key Books and Keris Stainton are ALL TOGETHER NOW

Keris Stainton, who has previously published two novellas on the Hot Key Unlocked imprint under the pseudonym Esme Taylor (ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS and BABY, ONE MORE TIME) will move to the main Hot Key list for a standalone novel of friendship and cohabitation. ALL TOGETHER NOW, set in a shared house in Liverpool, promises to be FRIENDS meets FRESH MEAT for young adult readers and showcases Keris's story telling charm, vibrant characters and wonderful observances of the exhilarations and setbacks of young adult life.

Emily Thomas of Hot Key says: 'Keris is fabulous at story, and heart, and we unanimously love her writing so we're thrilled to be working with Keris on ALL TOGETHER NOW.'

The UK and Commonwealth deal was negotiated by Hannah Sheppard of the DHH Literary Agency and publication is planned for summer 2015.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hello and welcome to my new website

It's taken a while but my website is finally live (thanks to the coercion of a friend). 

I hope to have regular updates on the progress of the authors I represent through the DHH Literary agency and advice for writers based on common issues I see during my editorial work. I'll also offer up occasional commentary about the publishing industry when particular stories catch my attention. 

If you have any questions or inquiries about how I can help you please use the contact form.