Monday, 29 September 2014

Canon Tales: Slide 1

Earlier this summer I took part in an event called Canon Tales at The Literary Consultancy conference. Taking the Japanese PechaKucha presentation style as inspiration each speaker selected 20 images which they spoke about for 21 seconds each before the screen automatically flashed to the next image.

I used mine to look back at my life in language, books and stories and thought about how I ended up working in publishing and why I love it. 

Over the next few weeks I'll post one image at a time with the text I wrote for each picture. Although, here, I might take liberties with the length as I found that as I prepared the talk I was discovering things that I didn't necessarily have time to explore in the short time I had - and, on the day I seemed to have even less time than when I'd was a little chaotic.

So, here we go...Canon Tales: Slide 1

My parents were both teachers; ambitious for their first born and determined I would be able to read before starting formal education. These flashcards are a fixture of my childhood memories – there were bags & bags of them.

I feel like this is really the start of my love of language and the hours spent looking at these big orange words and learning new vocabulary sewed the seeds of my future career in publishing.