Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Bookseller January 2018 Book of the Month for Abi Elphinstone

Such a delight to see Abi's first standalone title SKY SONG selected as The Bookseller's book of the month for January 2018. 
And what a great write up...this book is magical!

Friday, 13 October 2017

The new king of the locked room mystery reigns at Frankfurt

Chris McGeorge featured in the Frankfurt Daily
We've had a flurry of exciting deals for Chris McGeorge's Guess Who? ahead of Frankfurt Book Fair...

Here's the announcement on Bookbrunch, and it's mentioned in The Bookseller too. 

This is the full announcement with all the lovely quotes from Chris's foreign editors:

Rights to Chris McGeorge’s high concept crime novel, Guess Who? (Orion), have sold in four major deals ahead of Frankfurt. 

Guess Who? opens with Morgan Sheppard, a TV presenter who, at aged eleven, solved the murder of his maths teacher. Twenty-five years later he wakes up in a locked hotel room with five strangers and a dead body in the bathroom. Someone in the room is the murderer and Sheppard has three hours to solve it – otherwise they all die.

Rights were won at auction in the US (Harper Collins), pre-empted in Germany (Droemer), and sold in the Czech Republic (Euromedia) and Slovakia (Ikar).

Chris McGeorge said: 'Writing Guess Who? as my thesis for my Masters, I couldn't possibly expect the level of support the book has gotten so far. I wrote the novel to challenge myself and play with the crime genre, so when Francesca with Orion and four editors from publishers in the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia got onboard, I was bowled over. I feel I have been incredibly lucky in finding such a good home for my novel and can't wait to share it with the world.'

Peter Joseph, editor at Hanover Square Press, Harper Collins, who will publish the book in the US said, ‘Guess Who? kept me up all night reading and I immediately knew this fun, high-concept novel was a perfect fit for the launch year of Hanover Square Press. I have long been hoping for a modern twist on the classic locked-room mystery and Chris McGeorge has delivered that and so much more.’

Peter Hammans, editor at Droemer who will publish the book in Germany said, ‘Locked-room mysteries are a fascinating read when they present a thrilling mixture of claustrophobia, paranoia and personal drama. GUESS WHO? is a perfect representative of its genre. I couldn't stop flipping the pages!

Danka Jezikova, editor at Ikar a.s. who is publishing the book in Slovakia said, ‘After having read Chris McGeorge’s GUESS WHO we, at IKAR, were absolutely thrilled by the new fresh voice among thriller authors. From the very beginning it was clear we want to bring this page-turning, tense and absorbing thriller to the readers on our market. We are very excited Chris McGeorge will be one of the prominent authors in  our portfolio to stand among such writers as Jo Nesbø, M.J.Arlidge, John Grisham or Stephen King.’

Alexandra Fraisova, editor at Euromedia who is publishing the book in the Czech Republic said, ‘We are very proud and happy to be the Czech publishers of Chris McGeorge´s debut novel GUESS WHO. One room, clock ticking…, who can ask for more? This gripping novel gets your attention from the very first pages and it gets only better with every page you turn.’

Guess Who? will be published by Orion Fiction in paperback, audio and ebook in May 2018.