Writing a novel is a huge achievement. Well done! 

But what next? 

Are you considering submitting to agents, or you’ve already submitted to some without success?

Alternatively have you decided to self-publish? 

Now is the time to seek an objective editorial opinion.

I am an experienced publishing professional with over a decade’s experience of trade publishing. Now that I have gone freelance I am building my client list with a literary agency while providing editorial support, book doctoring and mentoring to authors via a number of established consultancies. 

I can now offer this freelance editorial expertise independently direct to you.

I offer editorial reports that can help identify (and solve) issues which are holding back your work.

A standard report would cover areas such as:
  • Plot & structure
  • Characterisation
  • World building 
  • Style & language
  • Market suitability
The content of the report will be tailored to the individual needs of each manuscript. 

Alongside this you could receive a marked up manuscript showing specific examples of what was discussed in the report and suggested line edits.

Through my editorial services, you can tap into over a decade’s worth of industry knowledge and trade experience. While employed by publishing houses I worked with authors such as Tanya Byrne, Julianna Baggott, Cathy Brett, Andrew Hammond, Jenna Burtenshaw and Kate Kingsley. Among the various novels I’ve edited which have been included in award lists I was longlisted for the Branford Boase Award alongside Tanya Byrne for the book Heart-Shaped Bruise.

I decided to go freelance so that I could spend more of my time working directly with authors to develop their work both as an agent and through independent editing. I am passionate about stories and the power they have to make us laugh, help us explore difficult situations, start conversations and bring people together.

We can discuss your requirements if you need something specific. For instance, you may want help with your submission package and we could review your covering letter, synopsis and sample material to give you the best chance of success. Or you could opt for a longer term collaboration which would involve me mentoring you through the development of your novel as you work towards submission. 

I’m also keen to help authors who want to self publish ensure that they are putting out the best novel possible and can offer editorial support and publishing advice to achieve this.

Prices vary depending on whether you simply want an assessment or whether you want a marked up manuscript etc but to give you an idea:

Manuscript 50,000 words and under prices range from £250 to £500
Manuscripts 50,001 to 75,000 words prices range from £450 to £800
Manuscripts of 75,001 to 100,000 words prices range from £650 to £1,100

To find out how I could help you achieve your goals please use the contact form.