'Finally someone who not only understands plot and story structure, but who also knows the current market conditions and what agents are looking for. Hannah answered all my questions within the expected timeline and produced an insightful, detailed report that helped me target revisions on my manuscript and saved months of groping around in the dark. Additionally, her comments helped me eliminate some stylistic patterns that weren’t serving me or my story. I highly recommend her!'
Shannon Cowan (Freelance Edit)

'When I realised I needed help with my suspense novel, I set out to find a skilled professional editor with ‘shaping’ expertise. I can hardly believe how lucky I was to find Hannah. She was everything I’d hoped for and more – pin-pointing the problems I’d been too tangled up to see myself, as well as suggesting solutions. There was encouragement too which meant I could get back to the revised draft, enthusiasm renewed, and continue to work on it with genuine pleasure.'

Ann Davies (Freelance Edit)

'I can't thank Hannah enough for the help she has given me with my novel. The detailed report she provided for my full manuscript edit was thorough and has given me a strategy to move forward. The manuscript itself has been marked in detail (on every single page) with copy edits as well as thoughtful notes and comments throughout, and both were delivered on time and on budget. I'm so grateful to have found a really genuine editor after feeling overwhelmed by so many faceless services out there. Hannah is clearly passionate about what she does and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be coming back to Hannah and recommending her to anyone in need of an editor!'

Vicky Price (Freelance Edit)

'I approached Hannah to review the first three chapters of my book, and I’m so glad that I did! Her comments were constructive and clear, making it very easy for me to go in and change various aspects of the book. She also gave valuable advice on the potential structure of the book, giving me something to work around. Would highly recommend her services!’

Thomas Kavanagh (Freelance Edit)

'I was at a bit of a crossroads with my latest novel, full of the doubt and indecision that most authors have. Working with Hannah was invaluable in helping me see where I was going with it, and what wasn't working. Hannah is approachable, friendly, passionate about her work, and as a literary agent herself, very well informed about the publishing world. I highly recommend getting in touch with her if you are seeking editorial assistance.'

Russell Mardell (Freelance Edit)

'Hannah Sheppard took me on as a nervous debut author and led me through the publishing labyrinth with a sure and confident hand, reeling out the thread so I wouldn't get lost yet allowing me to wander and explore. For this I will be eternally grateful. She went on to edit my next three novels with the same combination of razor sharp instinct and gentle diplomacy. She always knew exactly when to cut, when to protect, when to reel me in and when to give me a subtle push down a new pathway. Hannah was my first experience of the ed
itorial process and all subsequent editors have a lot to live up to.'

Cathy Brett (Author - Headline)

Reedsy Reviews

'Right from the start I felt confident that not only did she understand my project, but that I was leaving it in good hands. I'm about to publish for the first time and feel much more confident that my work is up to scratch, and that it has been thoroughly worked on as much as possible before the launch. It's in the hands of the gods now! But without Hannah's contribution I would not feel nearly as confident. I will certainly be asking her to work again with me on my second novel, and hopefully many more besides. I would recommend her to first-time writers, as well as experienced authors, as she has been consistently professional, in contact with me when needed, has delivered exactly what was promised, and is very nice to work with.'

And for a second book by the same author:

'Hannah Sheppard has now worked with me on books 1 and 2 of my romance series. I'm very happy with all the work she's done for me, and hope to work on book 3 with her soon. I would recommend her to new and established writers, and am seriously thankful for her sixth sense of spotting plot holes and offering helpful advice and suggestions for correction. Both my books are so much stronger now, and Hannah has become part of my writing process.'

Women's Fiction Edit

'Hannah is without doubt an incredibly talented editor who has drawn out the best and worst of my work in an encouraging and kind yet honest approach - it's challenged me in all the ways I wanted to improve my manuscript. I can't recommend her highly enough, and I'm so thankful for her insightful views and suggestions.'

Children's Fiction Edit

Elance Reviews

'Incredible to work with. On time and on budget and provided the thoughtful feedback I was looking for, but also so much more. I have the direction I was looking for and a plan. I fully intend to use this freelancer again with future manuscripts.'
MG Chapter book critique

'Hannah did an excellent and very detailed job editing my novel. She gave me honest professional suggestions that helped me enhance my story for publishing. The work was completed on schedule. I would definitely hire her again and I highly recommend her!'

Editing for my science fiction Young Adult novel - first in a series

'Hannah totally exceeded my expectations with a fantastic critique of my new book...hire her.'

Critique a children’s book